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Cool. So you're the team captain, or one of them. This isn't an honorary title, this is a leadership role. You probably got it one of two ways. One: your coach chose you. Two: your team chose you. You're probably wondering why it matters how you were chosen. It matters  because if you take your role as team captain seriously (and you should) your  leadership style will be shaped by how you were chosen.

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Make Me a Leader!

If your coach chose you...

You Need The Respect of Your Teammates.

This seems like a no-brainer but there's no point in being a captain if no one respects you. How do get the respect of others? 

You Need To Nurture That Positive Relationship with Your Coach

You and your coach need to have a good enough relationship where he or she can depend on you to be their voice to the team. And the team should be able to trust you enough to let the coach know what they are feeling too. How do you create that "bond" with your coach? 

You Need to Lead by Example.

Seriously. Do I have to explain this to you?

Are You A Team Captain?

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If your team chose you...

You Need The Respect and Confidence of Your Coach.

Your coach needs to know that the team didn't just pick you because you're the most popular. This is a LEADERSHIP role!

You Need To Empower and Encourage Your Teammates.

On Game Day, and by that I mean on Meet Days you're the one the team will look to for motivation. I hope you have your pep talk ready.
Let’s pump it up!

You Need to Lead by Example.

I'm not explaining this to you. Seriously. You're the team captain. Come on.

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