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This ebook features the 5 most common reasons athletes aren't as successful as they could be and excellent tips for how to make the small but impactful changes that can turn it all around.

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After you download the book TB will open access to a website specifically designed to help you identify your reason(s). This website features resources that will help you work on the solutions that will make you successful.

Why You're Not a Track Star...Yet

I know what you're thinking, "T, you're being really harsh assuming none of us are track stars!" Right? Wrong. I know you're not. The dead giveaway is that you ended up here, at my site built specifically for non-track stars and that you're still reading. It's either that or you're just curious about what I could possibly have to say because you know...Who Am I? Look, I'm not saying I'm a track star but I'm definitely NOT saying that I'm not. What I am saying is that I can give you FIVE solid reasons why you aren't the track star you want to be right now. Download the ebook (it's FREE) to learn how to stop wasting your time being average and start your journey to trackstardom.

About The Author
Over the past three seasons Tianna started writing her thoughts about what changed between now and her first ever world championship title ten years ago in 2005. When she was finished the end result appeared to be promising guide that could have the ability to help anyone stay on the right track in life and in sport.

"It would be a more fulfilling accomplishment than winning gold if what I've written causes a 'lightbulb moment' for just one person!" 

Tianna Bartoletta
Founder, 360

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Why  You're  Not  a Track Star

Five Reasons You Aren't Killing It And How to Change That

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